Organisations the world over are turning to the digital twin to improve their decision-making, but exactly why are they doubling up?

Tomorrow’s Home, an immersive, multi-sensory installation at London’s Museum of the Home, envisages the quirky dwelling of the future — and it’s nothing like you’d imagine

If you’re as over Christmas tales as you are Mariah perpetually blasting from speakers everywhere, check out these sci-fi titles instead

A shot of Jonas Kahlwald (played by Louis Hoffman) in Netflix sci-fi time-travel thriller series, Dark

Move over Squid Game, there’s a new cephalopod-related show taking the world by storm: Anicka Yi’s ‘In Love With the World’ at the Tate Modern

Image of Anicka Yi’s exhibition at the Tate Modern called In Love With the World

Humanity faces an astronomical challenge in climate change, but we have the unique opportunity to tackle that challenge using space tech. But how? And what is ‘space tech’?

Image of satellite in space

EY co-founder Arthur Young knew a thing or two about beginnings — how would he feel about the greater role accountancy & auditing are beginning to play in tackling climate change? I’d guess proud!

Image of the world melting

We’re faced with a worrying shortage of top AI talent in the UK, but will the government’s new National Artificial Intelligence Strategy solve the problem?

Generic artificial intelligence stock shot

Billionaire Marc Lore and architect Bjarke Ingels unveiled their bold plans for a futuristic new city in the US desert last month, but could it just end up the next New Lanark?

Neurodiversity is a top priority here at EY, so I thought I’d explore the safe and inclusive space we’re creating for our neurodivergent people

With its National AI Strategy, the British government makes a genuine commitment to becoming an AI leader, but is the plan financially viable?

Catriona Campbell

Behavioural psychologist; AI-quisitive; EY UK&I Client Technology & Innovation Officer. Views my own & don't represent EY’s position.

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