Techies, here’s what to watch, read & listen to in November

This month, we’ve got something Westworld-adjacent, unearthly, Bechdel-Test-passing, faux, and borrowed from Gucci

A seated Chloe Grace Moretz wearing a menacing gaming headset in The Peripheral


The Peripheral

Chloe Grace Moretz and Gary Carr holding hands by a river in The Peripheral


What’s possible for the gaming industry in the next dimension?

A screenshot from Super Mario Bros.



The black and yellow HellSans book cover.


Joe Rogan interviews Steve Jobs

A black and white headshot of Steve Jobs


Jared Leto’s accent in WeCrashed

Jared Leto in a co-working space in WeCrashed



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Catriona Campbell

Behavioural psychologist; AI-quisitive; EY UK&I Client Technology & Innovation Officer. Views my own & don't represent EY’s position.